"Animals", the passion of his father is the great and only real passion for Dieter Kraml.


He began his career as a zookeeper, he started his unique career before the age of mid-twenties his first wound up in brown bears. A few years later he went with that animal to Japan and made his first experiences in the film business.


When he came back to Germany, he moved to Alfeld Leine, where his parents have lived many years before.


There followed now also European productions such as "The Bear" by Jean-Jacques Annaud, or the "Ace of Aces" with Jean-Paul Belmondo, and in German films and TV shows he was always a welcome guest.


At Rudi Carell, he really liked his humor with which he made it again and again to bring the audience laugh.


He now has eight brown bears, with whom he lives in family circumstances.


His philosophy:


Animals, always treat it with love, kindness and respect, he lives like no other before.


He is a man who exudes the tremendous power and positive energy with which he manages to draw many people in its spell.


No effort it is too big, no job too burdensome. First comes his animals, then people who need his help urgently. Own needs he doesn’t know..


Again and again people spoke to him because of his old wooden caravan, which stands at the entrance to his grounds. When asked his visitors he answers often with shining eyes:


This is my life in which I was born, I grew up in it. This car is the root of my life and I keep and care it, so I never forget where I come from.

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