„BIU“ is the shortcut of our registered association and means “Bear worlds within us”
You can see further details below!

Dear Friends of Nature now it was time! We did it and on 2 Advent Nicholas we inaugurated our forest trail on Wahrberg in Alfeld! See "News" for more details.

With the help of many information boards, a path of senses and an insect hotel, the visitors learn interesting facts about the environment, native flora/fauna and of course about European brown bears.In fine weather, the forest trail is an interesting target for all hikers. Best is of course if our "Father Bear" Dieter is in person there. Then he likes to show you everything that crawls there, for example under a bark.

Our bears enjoy the first sun rays.

Now we wait for good weather so that we, the technical college Göttingen and the young people entrusted to us, can start with our project to: "Create a nature trail on Climate Change and all its consequences” on our site.

If you would like to help us you can contact our club at or Tel no. 00495181/ 81 696. Interested groups such as schools, clubs, etc. are by appointment always welcomed guests!

Attracted by our associations motto:
"Working together for humans and animals"

at the beginning of the year a young man named Thomas came to us. He is a boy who suffers from leukemia and wanted nothing more than to spend a day with our first chairman "Father Bear" Dieter Kraml and his bear. But unfortunately, a new chemotherapy intervened.To kill time and because of his great interest in the bears generally Mr. Kraml sent him his book "Der mit den Bären lebt", with its profits, he also assists a parental home of sick children with cancer, in Göttingen. Thomas was so excited and after the therapy, there was no stopping.


So we could meet him and he experienced his heart's wish in Pferdemasch, Alfeld, and he had a happy day with the bears . Gladly he wanted to speak other affected children courage and was pleased with the visit of the TV crew of the VOX Magazine "dog cat mouse" with Diana Eichhorn. There was even a little tea party there, and Thomas could not take it anymore and had to hug the bear Hera constantly.



Nora: "Well, what is written about me?"


The book: "Der mit den Bären lebt' aviable in any bookstore or at Mr. Kraml at: 00495 181/81696!

Our activities are divided as follows:

* To make the nature understandable for humans up on the basis of our forest trail

* Commitment for the conservation of wild brown bears in Europe
* To help cancer diagnosed children and their parents
* Working with compromised people/youth.
Nature Park:

Together with the courts entrusted people and other interested young people, we have created a forest trail with the path of the senses and other activities. Next year we will jointly with the technical college Göttingen a second path with the “trees of the future”. This theme is about climate change and how to solve the problems coming with it. The third Highlight will be the Bears.

Conservation of wild brown bears:

Our last major activity was Bruno, as you know out the media. We wanted our female bear, "Nora" to attract him to capture him alive. For such actions, and for the release and care thereafter, we need the help of countless people. Financial support is of course needed, but also people who support us morally, are very welcome.

Sick children:

With our projects, we set ourselves not only to the environment and for bears but also for the well-being and for the healing of sick children. Why children? Children as well as all animals are beings who need all our help greatly. Here we support, as well as our first Chairman Dieter with a portion of its income of his book "Der mit den Bären lebt," the parental home of sick children with cancer in Gottingen.

To circulate information:
in the so called "green classroom" we teach students and otherwise interested people.
Sick, disabled and old people, we help with our animals. They learn through closeness and the fascination that these animals cause to us humans, at least temporarily and renewed courage.

Youth work: 

The unlawful living young people can even accompany us to TV shootings at good conduct. In all our activities for the nature if old, young or unlawful doesn’t matter there all integrated. Especially the young people develop self-confidence and positive attitudes. For work in nature is calming effect on these often rebellious minds. They learn to take responsibility and prepare themselves through interesting activities in with our animals back to a straightforward life. If you are interested in our projects for people, nature and animals you are welcome to subscribe a membership for a godparenthood of one of our bears. Minimum annual fee 20€ print out a form and send it to us at our address: Bärenwelten, Pferdemasch 2, 31061 Alfeld. Also donations to support our voluntary work with the young people we are happy to receive under

bank account number 8013015, bank Sparkasse Hildesheim,bank code 25950130

in favour to Bärenwelten in uns e.V. .

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